At CBC Brands, we strive to bring you the world’s best wines that express each region’s fruit and terroir. We focus on small-budget, family-owned wineries that cannot afford big budget marketing. When the value goes into the bottle, rather than the marketing, consumers pay for high-quality wines and have the opportunity to get to know the story behind each bottle.

Prior to founding CBC Brands, founder Crump operated an import company that specializes in South Africa and New Zealand wines (and also featured wines from France, Chile and Argentina). He then served as VP of Brands for a 30 million dollar distribution company which represented more than 1,200 wines from around the globe. In this time, Crump visited wineries on five continents and toured the world’s most famous wine regions (while learning the passionate stories from winemakers) in Spain, France, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and the USA.

Throughout these years, Crump gained a burning desire to help small wineries succeed in the U.S./Texas market. He founded CBC Brands to bring the world’s best wines to the Texas consumer, to introduce them to the places where great wine is made, and to help them learn more about the passionate people behind each wine.


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